About Me

"I started this journey about 5 years ago with the news my Dad was sick with cancer... running and working out became my therapy. It was my release after sitting at chemo with him. As I did i more I felt better and of course my health and body started changing for the better... but that was just a bonus. Honestly it was the hardest time of my life, watching someone sick with cancer really takes a toll on you. Mind... body and spirit. I decided to be dedicated and continue my running therapy. A couple years later I lost my dad to the ugly word cancer and a few years after I lost my best friend to the same disease. But this is not a sad story because there was beauty born from the ashes. I became NASM certified and Dedicated Strength was born. It was born from my loss of two very special people. I woke up wanting to help others live their best life. Helping them to find their gym therapy for whatever they were going through. To be healthy and strong and to learn to love themselves inside and out. So all this to say thank you. Thank you to everyone of you who follows me on this page... thank you to my one on one clients and my boot camp clients. I am truly blessed to do this along side you. Thank you for letting me be apart of your lives each week... now go out and get active!!! "You've got this" - Ashley